Solas CSCS – Signing, Lighting & Guarding on Roads

Who should attend:
Managers, Supervisors, and operatives who are required to plan, organise, direct and manage roadworks, in both rural and urban situations. This training is mandatory under the Safety, health and welfare (Construction) Regulations 2006.

Duration: 3 Days (1.5 days Theory & 1.5 days practical)

Max No: 8 participants per course

Candidates who successfully complete the course will be trained, able and motivated to plan, organise, direct and manage the safe flow of traffic through roadworks, in both rural and urban situations, with a minimum of delay to road users.

Specifically, trainees will learn to:

•Prepare detailed plans for intended roadwork sites, showing relevant distances, sizes and dimensions in accordance with the “Safety at Streetworks and Road Works” Code of Practice.
•List equipment requirements for intended roadworks.
•Draw plans of intended roadwork sites showing the position of signs, guarding etc.
•Demonstrate sequences of setting out advance signs, safety zones and pedestrian walkways at sample roadworks.
•Demonstrate the positioning, testing, adjusting, commissioning and de-commissioning of temporary Traffic Signals at sample roadworks.
•Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the subject by oral or written examination.

Course Content:

•Relevant Legislation & Legal Obligations.
•Personal Protective Equipment.
•Site Safety & Security.
•Traffic Control.
•Accident Prevention and Control.
•Hazard Identification.
•Lighting and Signs.
•Debris/Rubbish Removal.
•Manual Handling (Back Pain).
•Safety in Excavation.
•Plant & Equipment Assessments.
•Buried Services.
•The Vibrating Syndrome.
•Unguarded Openings & Edges.
•Scaffolds & Stepladders.
•Lifting Gear.
•Revision & Assessment

Note: Pre-course requirements – a valid Safe Pass, passport photos, PPE: hives jacket, level 3 S.T.C boots, helmet, gloves.