Forklift Courses

Forklift Trucks are amongst some of the most harardous vehicle types in the workplace.  Our Novice, Experienced and Refresher courses are designed to enable all your forklift truck operators to work in a safe and careful manner to avoid possible accidents.

Our courses include current Health & Safety Guidelines and best practices for your employees.

We are registered members of RTITB, who are the leading forklift accreditation board.

Course Aim
The aim of the Fork Lift Truck Operators course is to ensure that each candidate is provided with sufficient knowledge and skills in order that he/she can operate the Forklift in a safe and competent manner.

The primary objective is to convey the basic principles of forklift operation including: load capacity, fork positioning, load positioning and how it relates to load center and center of gravity, speed limit, inspection elements, traveling on an incline, and fueling procedures.

On completion of the course participants will be updated on:

  • Current Legislation
  • Load Centres
  • Controlling Load Movement
  • Safe Loading
  • Safe Unloading
  • Stability
  • Stacking Loads
  • Pre-use Inspection

Assessment / Certification
On successful completion of the exam, participants are awared a Forklift Operator Certificate and Card, valid of 3 years.

• Be at least 18 years old
• PPE (personal protective equipment), i.e. Hard Hat, High Visibility Vest, Steel Toe Capped Boots, Gloves